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Client Stories

BioMed Realty Trust

Client Stories

BioMed Realty Trust, Inc.

BioMed Realty, which develops properties for biomedical research firms, asked BAM to reimagine an aging and mostly vacant corporate campus of 1.2 million sf as a 21st century R&D complex. The company wanted people-centered, energized facilities that could quickly respond to new directions in research. Our quick study rethought the campus as one that focused more on people rather than cars. That new emphasis resulted in a shortened time frame, allowing the research scientists to transition easily from requirement to move in. It became a model for transforming older buildings into 21st century R&D space. BAM’s new design for the campus increased occupancy from under 40% occupancy to over 92%.

The project’s success solidified a strong working relationship between BAM and BioMed Realty, who then awarded us a renovation of over 600,000 sf of space. When a great opportunity landed in BioMed’s lap but they didn’t have the product, they reached out to BAM for help. A prospective tenant needed 140,000 sf of contiguous space. BAM proposed reimagining the campus highlighted with a new connector building that joins two buildings into one. That effort took the campus from 10% occupancy to over 70%. Since then, Biomed has taken us to campuses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware, where we’ve worked with them on master plans, renovations, and new headquarters buildings.

Hitachi America

Client Stories

Hitachi America, Ltd.

The global conglomerate Hitachi asked us to renovate their US headquarters’ high profile reception area just as BAM opened its doors. In an early tour of the facility, we noticed that the company needed increased, better functioning conference space. We reimaged the reception level as a conference center – at a time when conference centers were a relatively new concept – so that Hitachi could satisfy both needs within the limited space. That project earned Hitachi’s President’s Award for the team– an honor given to the people who most help the company achieve its goals.

Impressed with our work, Hitachi then asked us to create R&D and sales space for its growing Power Systems Group, which develops energy systems such as nuclear and wind powered energy. We created a dynamic environment that helped revitalize the division. Because of that success, the original assignment grew by close to five times and the spaces we designed helped Hitachi become a leader in the energy industry. Since then, BAM has designed R&D, sales, government relations and distribution facilities for Hitachi from coast to coast.

NBC Universal

Client Stories

NBC Universal

Our work for NBC Universal began in 2003, when we were approached to get a troubled redesign of its SyFy channel’s staff offices back on track. Our strong construction administration services amplified the traditional architect’s role and produced the project within budget and on schedule.

With that success in place, NBC Universal assigned us more complex projects that required fresh thinking, particularly at its high profile 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters. For example, it wanted a conference center that could also perform as a broadcast facility, training facility, and movie premiere house. Our design accommodated all of those functions with ease, requiring minimal time to change from one to the next. Since then, BAM has designed over 100 distinct projects for NBC Universal, including a headquarters visitor center and security facilities, an 80,000 sf digital media campus in New Jersey and currently a San Francisco office and broadcast facility for NBC and CNBC news divisions.


Client Stories

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

The pharmaceutical company Regeneron has developed a worldwide reputation for forging new paths in creating drugs. On the recommendation of another client, Regeneron asked us to collaborate on a lab renovation and create an innovative space that would include a robotics facility and conference center. The project demonstrated how troubled older buildings on their campus could be transformed into state-of-the-art R&D facilities. That facility is now a favorite research space of the client.

BAM then won a full building, 136,000 sf fit-out, competing against much more prominent firms. As we had done before, we showed how BAM would meet the aggressive schedule and were awarded the project, completing it on time and with virtually no change orders. That success has led to a host of large R&D, administrative, and interior build-out projects with the company.

Yale New Haven Hospital

Client Stories

Yale New Haven Hospital

Our first opportunity with Yale New Haven Hospital was a Hybrid Operating Suite. We were fortunate to be teamed with a client that wanted to expand the thinking of what an Operating Room should look like. The project was at the vanguard as one of the first hybrid operating rooms in the USA. Commended for its innovative and patient-focused design, the project went on to become a model for similar projects at YNHH and other hospitals. It also set BAM’s reputation, leading to over 20 projects to date with Yale New Haven Hospital.

Other notable projects range from a very progressive Pediatric MRI suite that redefines the patient experience to a master plan and renovation of YNHH’s Shoreline Medical Center, which includes an expansion of their Emergency Department.


Client Stories

NYU Medical Center

Our first project for NYU’s Medical Center and School of Medicine was a small lab renovation with an ambitious program. Working with the end user team, we took a fresh look at its requirements and focused on similar programmatic needs between researchers. After identifying several functions which could share space, thus keeping costs down, we were able to simplify its complex infrastructure needs. This allowed us to use off-the-shelf, less expensive solutions rather than those calling for custom fabrication and configuration.

The success of that project led to a feasibility study for the entire building and then a building-wide renovation, both on a tight budget. That project set BAM in good stead with NYU and has led to over 100 projects on two campuses – ranging from building renovations to campus infrastructure planning. The common theme through all of the projects is creating R&D space where people feel they are part of the future. Building for the future allows NYU to attract and retain the best and brightest faculty, staff and students in the world.

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NBC Universal
New York Eye and Ear of Mount Sinai
New York Presbyterian Hospital
Northern Westchester Hospital
NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases
NYU Medical Center
NYU School of Medicine
Progenics Pharmaceuticals
Queens Law Associates
Reed Elsevier
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals
SCOR Reinsurance
Seward and Kissel, LLP
St. Vincent's Medical Center
Urban Studio
Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Warby Parker
Westchester Medical Center
Yale New Haven Hospital
Yager Medical Facility

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