NBC Universal
Studio 1A / Today Show
Studio 6A / Dr. Oz
Studio 7E / Wnbc News
Studio 6B / Late Night
New York, New York



To keep NBC Universal at the forefront of the entertainment industry, their delivery networks, studio sets and backbone technologies need to be constantly improving and evolving. To hire and retain talent, balance financial pressures and compete with changing market dynamics, NBC proactively stays ahead of the curve with technology and content. Over several years of working with NBCU, BAM has acquired a depth of understanding about their client’s business that allows for quick, smart, economic and exciting solutions to a wide variety of end-user needs.

Rapid changes in technology, real estate availability and production have required rapid changes to existing studios. This includes compliance with current code requirements, such as Place of Assembly, and updates to stay responsive to the fast pace of production, including getting audiences into and out of the studio quickly and efficiently. Results were achieved working in close collaboration with the set designers to do more than just coordinate with their design, but to embrace their challenges, as well as those of the engineers, identifying and recommending solutions that satisfied all the stakeholders, not just the architecture.